Two Interesting Debates

Nothing new from me, but a heads up about a couple of interesting discussions taking place on other blogs.

First, a conversation about immigrant rights organizing in the Southwest. Should organizers focus on countering the growth of nativist and fascist forces, or concentrate on building power in oppressed communities? Check out Gathering Forces for more.

Second, a developing debate about the role of the lumpenproletariat in the revolutionary movement. This one’s a little more abstract and doesn’t seem to be based on much actual organizing (unlike the discussion on GF). Still, it’s well worth checking out over at Advance the Struggle.



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2 responses to “Two Interesting Debates

  1. hey thanks for the repost.

    i just wanted to comment that i don’t think the debate on the strategies for the immigrants’ rights movement is between organizing against nativist and fascist forces on the one hand, or building power in oppressed communities on the other.

    especially in AZ, i think that is a false dichotomy. maybe the debate over at GF could use that clarification, but i think the disagreements and misunderstandings are rooted in organizing strategies.

    on the one hand, to pose this dichotomy racializes the ability to build fighting working class organization and power in an inaccurate way. communities of color can and should organize to fight against the right.

    it’s a question of the role this particular type of organizing has in building organization and in the broader movement; how it relates to challenging state power when AZ is a particular case of the far right capturing state power, while TX for instance is different; the type of organizations we build — cadre groups, flying picket squads, work place groups, or mass type organizations (although none of these are mutually exclusive)

    some thoughts…

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Jubayr. It did seem to me that there was a false dichotomy in the debate on GF, and I agree with the points you make above.

    I’m interested to hear what you all have to say about the way forward post-injunction.

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