I just moved to Chicago from California, and I guess I’m still working on a Ph.D in US history. I’m also member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), so much of the content of this blog will focus on history, politics, and organizing. When I’m not doing politics or dissertating, I follow Sheffield United Football Club as closely as is possible from five thousand miles away, and try and stay in touch with current events in Britain. I’m married, and we have a cat.


One response to “About

  1. I am a conservative blogger that writes a lot about American politics. I blog at http://www.thecrossculturalist.com as Pablo. I am conducting research right now about what socialists think of Obamacare as well as Romneycare that was enacted in Massachusetts. I am seeking to prove to my fellow conservatives that Barack Obama is not a socialist.

    My interests was spurred by Mike Huckabee’s new book that just came out which labels Romneycare as “socialized medicine.” What do you think of that?

    If you don’t mind giving me your thoughts on this subject. I would like to compile the answers that I receive and post them on my blog. You can email me if you want. I gave my email above.

    Additionally, do you think that when conservatives in the United States label Obamacare and Romneycare as socialistic that it dilutes the real socialist message?

    Thanks so much for your time.


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