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On the British Riots (August 2011)

Last summer, London and other British cities erupted in rioting as poor and working-class youth reacted furiously to racist police violence, austerity, and deepening inequality. This was the first of a couple of pieces I wrote for Socialist Worker on this urban rebellion. It appeared on the SW website on August 10, 2011.


BRITAIN IS reeling after several nights of rioting in major cities across the country–the worst civil unrest in a least a generation.

What began at the end of last week as a series of protests against police brutality and racism has escalated into a major crisis of the entire social and political order, with police apparently losing control in parts of major cities. Continue reading


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Two Interesting Debates

Nothing new from me, but a heads up about a couple of interesting discussions taking place on other blogs.

First, a conversation about immigrant rights organizing in the Southwest. Should organizers focus on countering the growth of nativist and fascist forces, or concentrate on building power in oppressed communities? Check out Gathering Forces for more.

Second, a developing debate about the role of the lumpenproletariat in the revolutionary movement. This one’s a little more abstract and doesn’t seem to be based on much actual organizing (unlike the discussion on GF). Still, it’s well worth checking out over at Advance the Struggle.


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By the Time I Get to Arizona…

For obvious reasons.

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UCSC’s campaign of intimidation

Forgot to include this one earlier: it’s my report on the persecution of student activists at UCSC. First published at socialistworker.org on February 12, 2010.

Particularly relevant now, given the campus administration’s continuing attacks on student protest and free speech.


SANTA CRUZ, Calif.–Campus authorities at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) have launched a campaign of harassment and intimidation against student activists in the lead-up to a statewide day of action against the budget cuts on March 4.

This week, about a dozen graduate students and undergraduates received a “summons” from the office of Student Judicial Affairs (SJA). SJA Director Doug Zuidema plans to ask these students questions related to their alleged role in the November walkout and occupations against fee hikes in the UC system.

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